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Join a Mastermind in October!

Do you want to explore leadership or the art of building connections to improve your personal and business relationships? Then join a Mastermind today! We are offering two different Mastermind experiences this fall/winter based upon your experience and needs.

A Mastermind is a group of individuals gathered together in unity to tackle a specific challenge or opportunity. Our Masterminds offer a safe environment to explore leadership topics and build one another up.

Are you new to personal/professional development? Why not try our 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Mastermind? Over a period of 8 weeks, we will explore and strengthen your leadership skills using John C. Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership as a source of discussion and sharing.

Have you been through our program? Then why not explore how to strengthen the connections in your business and personal relationships with our Connection Mastermind based on John C. Maxwell’s book Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.

Both programs will be offered via teleconference, making it convenient wherever you may be. The 21 Irrefutable Laws will be offered at the following times (all times Eastern):

  • Mondays at 8PM starting 11/12/12
  • Wednesdays at 8PM starting 11/14/12
  • Fridays at Noon starting 11/16/12

Tuition is free if you have not already graduated from a previous DBA presented Mastermind. (If you are a grad and wish to audit, call me and we can work something out.)

The Connection Mastermind will meet Tuesdays at 7 PM starting 11/13/12. Tuition is only $199 for the 10-session Mastermind.

You can sign up by clicking here.

The Practices of Connection

Last week we explored the five principles my good friend John Maxwell wrote about in his book, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.These principles are foundational to our ability to create deep, rich, and lasting connections with the people that are important to you. In case you missed them, they are:

  • Connecting Increases Your Influence in Every Situation
  • Connecting Is All About Others
  • Connecting Goes Beyond Words
  • Connecting Always Requires Energy
  • Connecting is More Skill Than Talent

So, how do you put these into action? That would be The 5 Connection Practices. Come find out what they are at this week’s Coffee and Coaching.

If you enjoy the series and would like to dig deeper into “ECFC” why not sign up for the Mastermind group that will tackle this book in July? The ten week program begins on July 23. You will learn about the 5 connecting principles and the 5 connecting practices. Learn how to enrich the connections in your life and turn them into valuable relationships that pay dividends to your business, advocacy, or other personal endeavor.

That’s Coffee AND Coaching

Don’t foget, we also coach people who are facing personal or business challenges. In 5 minutes, I can help you see what your next step needs to be with whatever situation you have. And once we have made that first step, we Mastermind with the group. I am continuously amazed at the genius and generousity of our Coffee and Coaching devotees. It is inspiring and lots of fun! So come with a question or a challenge where you could use a little help and see the true wisdom of the team!


Coffee and Coaching is brought to you by TIPS: Together Inspiring Personal Success. Meetings are Friday afternoons from 3 PM to 5 PM at the Cosner’s Corner Panera Bread, 10059 Jefferson Davis Highway, Fredericksburg, VA. There is no charge for Coffee and Coaching. For more information, call me: (703) 622-5282.

Oh, and bring a friend!

Coffee and Coaching — Exciting Things Happening!

Wow! Coffee and Coaching is really lots of fun! People are excited about the format, melding professional development, personal insights, coaching, and masterminding.

Oh, and we enjoy some coffee (or your favorite warm or soft beverage).

Last week in review

Last week was lots of fun. We talked about how to stop feeling awkward when networking. The secret? A couple of things:

  • Know why you are going to the networking event. Knowing why you are there will help you accomplish your goals.
  • Plan your time there. Whether you are going to meet someone in particular, or just to meet somebody new, plan questions you can ask so that you don’t have to think about them while you are talking. You can then listen!
  • Go with the idea that you are going to meet people and make friends. If you do that, you’ll have plenty of time to do business. So relax and enjoy the time!

The coming week

We are devoting the month of April to effective networking concepts. So, in that spirit, our topic this Friday is: Helping Others Feel Good While Networking.

As usual, we will be at the Panera Bread in Cosner’s Corner, 10059 Jefferson Davis Highway, Fredericksburg, VA. Friday afternoon, 3-5 PM.

Come on by and bring a friend!

Coffee and Coaching Off to Strong Start

How would you like to get a bunch of business experts to help you with a challenge you are facing? That’s what is happening in our Coffee and Coaching program.

The group doubled between the two weeks, from 5 to 10. We have had a great time talking about how to set goals and about how to achieve them, too. The coaching sessions have seen people start talking with a coach, but sessions evolving into Masterminds, where the group is focused on offering advice and insights to help each other grow. It is truly inspiring to watch. People really are living the TIPS philosophy – Together Inspiring Personal Achievement!

The Coffee and Coaching schedule for the month of April will be focused on networking:

April 6 – How do I Stop Feeling Awkward when Networking?

April 13 – Helping Others Feel Good Networking

April 20 – You Have Left a Network Event. Now What?

April 27 – The Basic Principles of Connection

 Time and Place

Coffee and Coaching meets every Friday from 3 to 5 PM at Panera Bread in Cosner’s Corner (Massaponax area):

10059 Jefferson Davis Highway
Fredericksburg, VA

Mastermind Offerings as of 3/14/12

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Mastermind (8 weeks)

For more information on this Mastermind, click here
To register for this Mastermind, click here

Monday, November 12, 2012: 8PM to 9PM Eastern (teleconference)
Wednesday, November 14, 2012: 8PM to 9PM Eastern (teleconference)
Friday, November 16, 2012: Noon to 1PM Eastern (teleconference)

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

For more information on this Mastermind, click here
To register for this Mastermind, click here

Tuesday, November 13, 2012: 7PM to 8PM Eastern (teleconference)