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Equipping for the journey, plus a hint about Attitude

Wow, another incredible Coffee and Coaching session in the can. If you were able to make it, I hope that you got as excited about Equipping as I did. There are lots of reasons people don’t equip their team, but I suppose that the number one reason is that they don’t understand a fundamental principle of success: One is too small a number to achieve greatness. Are you of the opinion that you would rather just do it all yourself because you just like doing it or that others aren’t capable? Maybe the real problem is in your dream/vision for your success.

I used to be that kind of guy. Early in my career in information technology, I didn’t really have confidence in my team to get things done as well as I could, so I invested my time into getting it done myself unless I absolutely couldn’t do it myself. Sure, that solved the immediate problem, but it meant that when the next job came around, I was in the same spot all over again. I was hustling my butt off while my team was standing around wondering what was going on.

When I finally realized that I could organize myself and teach others, giving them training and mentoring along the way, backed with deadlines that were early and often enough so that I could make course corrections before they could adversely impact the schedule, I started my rise in my industry, I actually started to become a REAL success!

So remember to ask yourself these questions as you are working on your goal:

  • What is my Dream? — What could be?
  • Who is on my Team? — What is?
  • What is my Dream Team? — What must be?

To find your DREAM, equip your TEAM so that as your DREAM TEAM you can work together to achieve amazing things!


John Maxwell loves to say, “Leadership less to do with position than disposition.”

Have you been part of a team that seemed to be an unstoppable juggernaut on its way to success, regardless of the challenges at hand? Have you ever been on a team that, regardless of its skills and talents, seemed cowed by the challenges it faced? I suspect that the attitudes of the leaders were very different… and that it eventually was reflected in the team at large.

Even if you are a “Team of One” right now, your attitude affects how you approach your activities, and eventually your success. Come and see what you can do to build a better attitude and get onto the path of success this week?

About Coffee and Coaching

Coffee and Coaching is an informal affair. Each week, we present a business or personal development topic to help people move forward their businesses. After the talk and Q & A session, a coach does some “laser coaching” where people have the opportunity to share a current challenge they are facing and discover a logical next step to get them moving forward in the right direction. After the coach gets things moving, the group is invited to “Mastermind” with the volunteer to discover additional novel ways to approach the issue. As the meeting begins to wrap up, people will have an opportunity to connect and network.

Coffee and Coaching is brought to you by TIPS: Together Inspiring Personal Success. Meetings are Friday afternoons from 3 PM to 5 PM at the Cosner’s Corner Panera Bread, 10059 Jefferson Davis Highway, Fredericksburg, VA. There is no charge for Coffee and Coaching.

Come out and bring a friend!