Foundations in Personal Leadership Mastermind

You are a leader, but you don’t feel you are getting the most from yourself? Demand more from yourself by increasing the size of your personal leadership foundation.

If you want to increase your effectiveness, increase your leadership ability. Increasing your leadership ability is a process that begins by taking personal responsibility for yourself and your vision. Strengthen your personal leadership foundation and you will increase your ability to lead others.

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While there are many indispensable qualities of a leader, Vision and Self Discipline form the core

Why do you need to lead if there is no place to go? If you don’t have the skills and tools to organize yourself to move toward your goals, how will you inspire others to come along with you? The Foundations in Personal Leadership program helps participants gain clarity and focus by exploring five major topics that will help strengthen a leader’s core abilities, allowing the leader to gain confidence in his/her own abilities and allowing them to articulate them to others.

Find Your Purpose

What makes you special? What makes you tick? Why are you here doing what you do? These are all questions that participants will explore. Finding answers here will help leaders understand their motivations, and create a clear vision of where they are headed so that others can buy into the vision, sharing in its labors and accomplishments.

Strengthen Your Integrity

People want to follow somebody they can reliably predict how they will act in any situation. Understanding who you are and what you value are essential to establishing boundaries and setting standards for the leader and the followers. Cleaning up and handling those areas that stand in your way will enable you to focus on the future and stop living in the past.

Sharpen Your Focus

Knowing what you want to accomplish is only part of the challenge. Knowing what you want, you must act in order to achieve. How do you decide what to work on next? Participants will learn goal setting, prioritization, and how to review and master the lessons learned along the way helps you ensure you will stay on task and get the job done.

Develop Yourself

The action habit gets you moving toward your goals, but are you developing your whole self? Participants will learn to develop mind, spirit, and body so that they grow strong and well-rounded in all facets of life.

Become Attractive

As you develop yourself and your goals, you will want to attract others to help you achieve them. Participants will learn how to develop and nurture a positive mental attitude; strong, lasting personal connections; a personal reserve; and the value of gratitude and service in drawing people to them and their vision.

Experience Growth Through Projects, Mastermind, and Personal Coaching

The Foundations in Personal Leadership program will meet weekly as a Mastermind group. Each participant will also receive three 1/2-hour coaching sessions (one monthly) to establish goals and assess progress during the program.

What is the schedule?

The Foundations in Personal Leadership program will meet 90 minutes weekly for 12 weeks. Outside of class, group members are expected to work on personal projects suggested by the syllabus. Coaching sessions will be scheduled separately at a mutually agreeable time between participant and the coach. Click here for the schedule.

What is the investment?

The tuition for the Foundations in Personal Leadership is $749, however, we are having an Easter celebration, and reducing the tuition to $500 for the spring Mastermind. Click here to enroll.

How do I get more information?

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