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Study Dr. John C. Maxwell’s
 The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Learn and apply the bedrock principles introduced by one of America’s top Leadership experts, Dr. John C. Maxwell.

Meet and work with other leaders looking to sharpen their skills.

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What is a Mastermind?

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A Mastermind is a term coined by Napoleon Hill in his seminal work Think and Grow Rich. Simply put, a Mastermind is a group of individuals who band together for a common purpose or goal. When a group puts forth deliberate thought and effort toward their goal, the synergy allows for the generation of ideas, insights, and inspiration, greater than the sum of the individuals involved.

What about this Mastermind Group?

Leadership is the essential element to move an organization forward. John Maxwell says that “Leadership is influence, period.” Each Mastermind group will focus on improving the leadership skills of members through the study and application of Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. The Mastermind group will explore the laws, discuss examples, and find application in their situations. The group will be facilitated by Dwayne Baptist, but will largely be directed by the interests of the group members themselves.

What is the commitment?

Mastermind groups meet weekly for one hour over an eight-week period. In order to be of value to all members, participants are expected to:

  • Make at least six of the sessions
  • Be prepared by reading assigned chapters in The 21 Irrefutable Laws
  • Participate in the discussions

What is the schedule?

Mastermind groups will meet one hour weekly for 8 weeks. Outside of class, group members are expected to read the planned chapters and do some preparation exercises to help them be ready to contribute to the Mastermind dialog.

Most groups meet via teleconference, but occasionally in-person groups will be offered in the Washington, DC – Richmond, VA corridor.

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What is the investment?

For those who have never taken this Mastermind, the only investment is to purchase the book and attend the sessions. Graduates of the program may retake the program if they enroll a friend!

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How do I get more information?

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