Reviewing Relationships…and thinking about Equipping

So, last Friday at Coffee and Coaching we got started looking at being a REAL success. John Maxwell teaches that success depends upon being able to develop and master four dimensions: Relationships, Equipping, Attitude, and Leadership. Naturally, we took first things first and talked about the 10 rules of relationships. The one that I find most interesting is the “101% Rule.” Now, I’m normally the kind of guy who feels that if we are getting real about things then I usually reject the ol’ 110% type things — giving a little bit extra… but the 101% Rule is a little different.

When we are seeking to have a relationship with people, we should focus on that 1% that we can both agree on and give that 100% of our effort rather than do what we often do, focus on the 1% we disagree on and give THAT 100% of our effort. When I was first married, my wife Ellen would cook dinner for me every night. At the end of each meal, she would ask, “How did you like it?” Knowing that as a newlywed she was eager to please me, I took her question to mean two things: Did you like it? How can it be better? My usual answer was, “Dinner was great. But xxx would make it even better next time.”

After a couple of months of this, one evening she about told me I could cook for myself! I was way to focused on the 1% we didn’t agree on and giving it 100% of my attention, instead of doing just the opposite. I definitely had some making up to do.

Truth is all of us get very sensitive when we are seeking to build relationship and people instead focus on our faults. On the other hand, we really build trust and confidence in people who are totally committed to the things we have in common. Why not be intentional this week about the 101% Rule and build trust with your team this week?

Equipping for Success

This week at Coffee and Coaching we will be talking about Equipping for Success. Big, lasting achievements always require a team to get them done. What are you doing to assemble and equip your team so that they can help you reach that vision of your goal? Are you holding back at all? Why not come learn about

About Coffee and Coaching

Coffee and Coaching is an informal affair. Each week, we present a business or personal development topic to help people move forward their businesses. After the talk and Q & A session, a coach does some “laser coaching” where people have the opportunity to share a current challenge they are facing and discover a logical next step to get them moving forward in the right direction. After the coach gets things moving, the group is invited to “Mastermind” with the volunteer to discover additional novel ways to approach the issue. As the meeting begins to wrap up, people will have an opportunity to connect and network.

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