Coffee and Coaching Schedule for June 2012

I hope you had a prosperous May and an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. I also hope you took a moment to remember those who have given their lives to serve and protect us and our liberties.

Last month’s Coffee and Coaching was great fun. We explored John Maxwell’s 5 connecting principles and 5 connecting practices. We wrapped up looking at the role of personality in connection. People had a great time discovering about their personality and how they can more effectively interact with others who are different.

This month (June 2012), we are going to explore a wide variety of people skills that will help you in business and social situations.


June 8 – “Work Would be Easy if it Wasn’t for the People!”

June 15 – Getting People to Come Around to Your Way of Thinking

June 22 – The #1 Secret of Great Communication

June 29 – Praise and Criticism People Appreciate


Coffee and Coaching is an informal affair. Each week, Dwayne Baptist presents a business or personal development topic to help people move forward their businesses. After the talk and Q & A session, Dwayne does some “laser coaching” where people have the opportunity to share a current challenge they are facing and discover a logical next step to get them moving forward in the right direction. After Dwayne gets things moving, the group is invited to “Mastermind” with the volunteer to discover additional novel ways to approach the issue. As the meeting begins to wrap up, people will have an opportunity to connect and network.


Coffee and Coaching is brought to you by TIPS: Together Inspiring Personal Success. Meetings are Friday afternoons from 3 PM to 5 PM at the Cosner’s Corner Panera Bread,¬†10059 Jefferson Davis Highway,¬†Fredericksburg, VA. There is no charge for Coffee and Coaching. Come out and bring a friend!